RAD Series – Premium Split Ducted Inverter – Single Phase

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Featuring a lightweight, compact design, Hitachi ducted one-to-one systems are the ideal option when installation spaces are tight and challenging.

Conditions for Supply and Installation
Estimate pricing for up to 6 outlets and 2 zones single storey house

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Key Features

Compact and Light
Downsizing has led to a dramatic reduction in the footprint of the range compared to previous models. This has made installation easier and improved maintenance access.

Precise Inverter Control
The operating speed of the compressor’s DC motor can be adjusted continuously in 1Hz increments and in free relation to the variability of the system capacity.

DC Inverter Technology
A DC compressor offers improved performance during periods of extended operation. It also features split rotor with displaced electrical poles, enabling the suppression of electromagnetic noise. Low-speed performance characteristics have also been improved, leading to significant reductions in annual running costs.

Quiet Operation Super High-Stream Fan
Advancements in the blade design and optimisation of the inlet and outlet angles have led to an increase in efficiency while still maintaining low operating noise levels.

Self-Demand Control
Power consumption levels (as a percentage of the maximum) can be selected in advance. Following an external command during operation, the system will automatically detect the amount of power being used and limit itself to the predetermined amount during peak hour usage periods.

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